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how to fix lower back pain from squat chiropractor orange county ca

How to Fix Lower Back Pain From Squats

How to Fix Lower Back Pain from Squats?

Including squats in your exercise routine can be very beneficial for your health. It might be the most exhausting form of exercise, but performing squats regularly can improve your muscular strength and help with your weight loss management. Even non-athletes should try squatting to stay in shape. 

As tempting as it sounds, squats can cause lower back pain in some people. Especially if you are a beginner, chances are you will end up with mild to severe lower back pain after your squat sessions. 

Tips for Avoiding Lower Back Pain from Squats

Adjust Your Technique

Like any exercise, squats require a proper technique. You shouldn’t experience back pain from squatting when you perform it carefully. Although squats are easy, people still end up using the wrong technique. If you are not sure about your posture, take help from a professional gym trainer. They will help you learn the right way to perform squats. A few things to keep in mind when squatting are:

  • Avoid arched back
  • Don’t put too much weight on one side
  • Your knees must be in line with the toes

It’s best to work with a professional trainer to establish a correct posture for squats. If that doesn’t work for you, watch YouTube videos or join an exercise program online. 

Take a Break

Another common reason for back pain from squatting is putting too much pressure on your lower back. For instance, if you have recently started exercise and perform too many squats at once, this can put unnecessary strain on your lower back. Your body is not used to repeated movements. If your other muscles aren’t strong enough to handle the pressure of squatting, your lower back will hurt. Take a break. Always listen to your body. If you experience sharp or unbearable pain, stop your squat session immediately. You can resume once you feel ready. 

Lower the Weight

Muscle injuries are common in people putting extreme pressure on their bodies. Lifting heavy weights can result in strained or injured muscles. As a result, the muscles could overstretch and tear. One of the common mistakes of people starting squatting is that they think they can easily perform squats with a heavyweight. Lifting heavy dumbbells while performing squats is a terrible idea. It won’t help you with weight loss or fitness. Instead, putting pressure on your body will only cause back pain and muscle injuries. Work with a trainer to figure out a perfect weight for your squat practice. Always start slow. You can gradually increase your weight once you feel comfortable.

Warm-up Before Squats

A professional trainer recommends warm-up exercises and light muscle stretching before you start an intense workout. Practicing strenuous exercises with cold muscles can put unnecessary strain on your lower back. A 15-minute warm-up before your workout will prepare your muscles for intense exercises. 

A warm-up exercise regulates the blood and oxygen flow to your muscles. As a result, your muscles will contract and relax easily. Just like warm-up practice before squats, you should end your exercise session with stretching. Stretch your muscles after squats. Even if your lower back hurts, try a few stretches to keep them flexible. Repeating stretches will help relieve back pain.

Rethink Your Workout

People add multiple exercises to their workout routine, so it often gets difficult to figure out which one is causing back pain. Are you sure you are experiencing lower back pain due to squats? Other exercises can be the culprits too. A few exercises that might result in lower back pain are:

  • Toe touches
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Aerobic exercises

In fact, any exercise that puts extreme strain on your lower back or any part of your body can affect your spine alignment and cause back pain.

See a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

A chiropractor specializes in hands-on spinal manipulation and a range of medical practices to achieve the best alignment of the musculoskeletal system of your body. Because of the numerous benefits of chiropractic treatment for back pain, people are now considering this non-invasive treatment for spine alignment. It is much, much better and cheaper than surgical procedures. 

Plus, your body tends to heal faster with chiropractic care than with surgeries. Spine manipulation is performed to restore your back’s mobility and reduce pain. Sometimes, chiropractic adjustment for lower back pain is used in conjunction with traditional medical practices to provide you with instant relief. A professional chiropractor uses spinal manipulation techniques to improve your range of motion and restore your body’s flexibility without exposing it to medication. The treatment plan might include exercises and nutritional counseling too. 

If squats hurt or cause lower back pain, search for a chiropractor near you to establish the best treatment plan. If chiropractic treatment is not helping, here’s what else you can try.

Strengthen Your Back Muscles

Squatting with the wrong technique will most likely cause back pain, especially if your lower back muscles are weak. A few strength training exercises can help increase the strength of your back muscles, making them strong enough to bear the load easily. A few effective exercises to strengthen your lower back are partial curls, knee to chest stretches, pelvic tilts, and bridges. Including these exercises into your workout routine can make your back more flexible. It also reduces the risk of injuries while squatting.

Learn from a Professional Trainer

If lower back pain is affecting your work and personal life to a great degree, you should visit a physiotherapist or get a personal trainer. Not only will they show you the right technique to practice squats, but they will add squats and other exercises to your workout routine efficiently. A trainer knows how to get a beginner started with squatting and how frequently they should perform squats. Working with an expert will help you practice exercises more efficiently than doing them on your own. 

Mild back pain after starting squats is pretty normal. But, if it is affecting your routine activities, visit Dr. Mahbod in Relief Chiropractic in Tustin, California. He will help ease your back pain and recommend the best exercise to strengthen your back muscles.


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